Free Appliance Troubleshooting and Repair

If you understand how your appliance is supposed to work, you can more easily detect and fix problems. Theory of operation for each appliance will be presented under "Proper Operation".

Once you decide that you do have a problem, the repair sections will take your observed symptom to its likely cause. Each appliance has problems that occur with the highest frequency. These problems will be listed first in fault search on the way down to the least likely cause. Choose the appliance you want to troubleshoot from the list on the left.

When you have paired up your observed symptom with the most likely cause, click on the remedy. Information and data will be collected to confirm the suspected cause of the problem. If it looks like you have gone down a false trail and the suspected part is OK, you will be routed back to the repair and fault isolation section to try again. If the suspected part has indeed failed, detailed repair and replacement procedures will be provided. These procedures and the embedded diagrams should be printed by your browser to have them with you for reference while you make the repairs.