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Dryer Email Questions and Answers

Whirlpool Drum Rollers

Bob Schmucker wrote:

Dear Mr. Schmidt, I found your web page and, 1st of all, thanks for putting it out there where all of us home repair types can find it. I have a problem thatI'd like some help with if you can. I have a whirlpool model HE4503W clothes dryer that has recently developed an appetite for drum rollers (4 in the last three months, both sides). They all fail in the same manner, the roller appears to overheat and bind on the shaft causing the plastic part to disintegrate. The shafts have shown some discoloration, but otherwise have no dicernable damage (burrs, rough spots, etc. I'm ready to replace them anyway, but I'm curious as to whether or not another problem may exist that is causing this, such as too much heat is the dryer or something (clothes are not burned though, no other indications of over heating and exhaust is clear and not blocked). Do you have any ideas?

I have never come across this problem before. The shafts are very hard and are seldom affected by disintegrating rollers but yours apparently have been (discolorations). The shaft that is next to a gas burner in a gas dryer can get warm but I have never seen anything like your problem. Procede with your plan to replace the shafts.

Sears Drum Rollers

Darrin C. Lyon wrote:

Your web pages have been very helpful to me in fixing my Sears dryer. I have a question: It has a squealing sound, which seems to come from a drum roller wheel. I took the drum out, and noticed that the wheel was gummed up and didn't spin freely. I put a little Liquid Wrench and oil on it, and it turns well now. Does the roller need replacing now, or should this fix it for a while?

Replace the drum roller when the sleeve bearing goes away and you hear the drum rumbling.

Wards Dryer Belt Slipping

Kevin D. Thieben wrote:

I have a Wards dryer that is approximately five years old. When I depress the power switch (by pressing on the timer dial), I hear the whine of the ignition starting but it doesn't "catch" and we have to wait several min- utes before we can get the ignition to run again. We also smell some burning, but have inspected the belt and find no problem. The burning smell reminds us of failed motors on other appliances (namely a vacuum cleaner). Might you have any suggestions or references? Time is of the essence as we are in the process of shopping for a new dryer presently as a result of this problem. By the way, this dryer is electric.

Your drum may be dragging so much that the motor can't get it going without slipping the belt. Check the drum rollers in the back and look for any thing that could be increasing the drum friction.

Dryer Isn't Drying

MHOZA wrote:

hope you can help... my dryer isnt drying...we replace the ignitor & it was working fine now it has started to build up condensation and isnt drying the clothes i thought it was the vent cleaned it out replaced the vent hose but didnt help what else could it be? also my dryer sounds like there are 1000 tennis shoes tumbling around in it...how can i fix this??? should i start saving for a new dryer??? thanks for your help. toni

Condensation is usually caused by poor venting. If your dryer is a Sears, Whirlpool or Wards, look at the "drum roller" repair procedure.