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Icemaker Email Questions and Answers

GE Replacement Icemaker

Olivier Schreiber wrote:

We have a `Hotpoint' (GE) fridge and after calling the GE information 800 number, we got the info that the icemaker model compatible with our fridge is an IM2 or IM1 model. Ordering it from GE is 118 dollars. Calling around, I got prices like 112 dollars at Circuit City and 76 dollars at ADRAY's. Is there is any off brand icemaker product which work in most fridge and don't cost that much? I would consider buying used too.

The IM1 and IM2 are Whirlpool icemakers adapted for use in the GE refrigs. These are very good icemakers. There are no others to consider new. The Whirlpool compact icemaker is readily available on the used market but you have to have the GE connector and mounting hardware. You probably don't need the water valve in the IM1 kit. I don't think you have any other options. (I am getting indications that these fine icemaker replacement units are being discontinued.)

Leaky Icemaker

Chris Koh wrote:

I have a question regarding my Whirlpool Refrigerator icemaker, here is the problem:

A few days ago, I noticed that the crescent mold was filled with ice, but liquid water was dripping from underneath the ice maker. I removed the icemaker from the frig, and let the ice thaw. After all the ice was melted, I re-installed it back on to the frig and turn on the water supply. Water was still dripping. Can you please tell me what causes this and if I need to replace the whole ice maker unit (if so, where can I find parts for Whirlpool frig?)

The fault may not lay with your icemaker. Something is lodged in the water solenoid valve down in the back of your refrig. The valve is not totally closing and is going to make a mess of your freezer section. Go to your nearest appliance place and ask for a new valve assembly. Bring your refrigerator model number and they can give you an exact replacement.

Another Dripping Icemaker

Luis R. Perez wrote:

Hi, wonder if you can help me? I have a regular 18 cu. ft. refrigerator about 2 1/2 years old...a Whirlpool model # ET18NK. My problem is that the icemaker is leaking (dripping) water...very slow...down into the ice bin. the icemaker is making solid ice and seems to be level. Everything is working in the cycle except for the drip. I have been putting a plastic cup in the tray and changing it every other day when it gets full of ice. The drip is coming from the bottom right corner of the tray, inbetween the tray and the square modular housing, in the front as you look in the freezer. Just curious if this sounds like a minor or maor repair or replacement? By the way how much are icemakers these days? Thanks for any help... "Frozen in Florida"

I am guessing that you have a compact icemaker. First, it is filling too full. Reduce the size of the cubes. A bead of silicon grease on the lip ot the mold in the area of the leak usually stops it.

Whirlpool Cube Shells

J.D.Shonts wrote:

My icemaker only makes shells. It does not freeze a solid crescent. I believe it only needs an adjustment but I don't know which adjustments to make. I have tried to find information on adjustments but can find none. Can you help? I would appreciate it.

It's harvesting too fast. Try making the cubes smaller (adjustment behind front cover) and/or run the freezer temp down to at least 0 degF.

More Cube Shells

Bill Rietveld wrote:

I have a Whirlpool compact icemaker that I installed in my Whirlpool refrigerator about a year and a half ago. From the very beginning the icemaker has made hollow ice and is prone to jamming. About six months ago I replaced the thermostat, but the condition persists. I have a thermometer in the freezer and it stays at 10 degrees Farenhite. Any thing you can think of to check?

Two things come to mind: The icemaker is harvesting too fast. May nothave the right unit for your frig, i.e. you have one for a side by side.I like to carry the freezer at 0 deg.

Whining Icemaker?

Alex wrote:

I have a Whirlpool fridge with a crescent ice maker. It makes ice well but when the ice maker is turned off (by raising the arm), a loud "whining" noise can be heard coming from the back of the fridge. It is getting worse. If the ice maker is making ice, it will generally be quiet but if it is turned off, the whining will be quite often.

Could this have something to do with the water valve? I'm about to go nuts from trying to fix this, I would appreciate any advice.

Let me make a wild guess that this is a bad bearing in your evaporator fan motor and has nothing to do with the icemaker!

Cubes are Too Small

John wrote:

I own a Sears Kenmore side by side refrigerator with a Wirlpool crescent icemaker. The icemaker has operated great until recently. I replaced the bi- metallic thermostat and used the alumilastic compound because the harvest cycle was beginning while there was still water in the mold cavity. This solved that problem.

Now I am having a problem with the mold cavity not filling completely. I have checked the screen at the solenoid as suggested - no problems. I have checked water flow both at the valve on the main water line and at the connection at the botton of the refrigerator near the access panel - still not filling completely. I can hear the solenoid valve operate and some water does enter the mold. Is it possible that the valve is not opening completely to allow enough water in the mold????

Try adjusting the duration of fill by turning screw behind the front plastic cover to "+".