Proper Operation
Learn how your appliance is supposed to operate so you can determine if it is malfunctioning.

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Maytag 'Dependable Care' Electric Dryer

Maytag produced two types of 'Dependable Care' dryers which are very different in construction. The earlier version, which was produced until the 1970's, had an internal frame that supported the porcelain-coated drum. This dryer can be identified by the round lint filter located at the rear of the drum and an access panel covering the entire back of the cabinet. Please go to the classic Maytag 'Halo of Heat' dryer section for repair procedures for this dryer.

Later in the 1980's Maytag made the 'Dependable Care' dryer line which has a drum that is supported by the cabinet. The lint filter is more conveniently located behind the front door opening. That is the dryer design these pages are dedicated to.

Problem Diagnostics

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Will Not Heat

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Nothing Happens

You have set the cycle and other control selections and pushed the start button but nothing happens.

  • Make sure you have completely closed the door.
  • Locate the door switch actuator lever in the upper right hand corner of the door opening. If it does not click, you may have to replace the door switch.
  • Both circuits in the circuit breaker for the wall power outlet may have tripped.
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Dryer Makes Unusual Sounds

  • The idler pulley may need some attention if you hear high frequency squeeks and squealing.
  • A loud rumble from the front may indicate that the blower wheel hub has wallowed out on the shaft and must be replaced.
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Hot Inside but Dries Slow

  • Check for blockage in the dryer vent hose.
  • Make sure the lint filter is clean.
  • If the drum is not turning, the belt may be broken.