Tips and Procedures
Learn how to restore appliances to the appearance and function they had when new.


Why You Need a Truck

Appliances are very bulky and heavy. A truck to haul them is a neccessity.

Does it Have to be New?

No. The truck must be dependable. If you buy a used truck, it should look good and well maintained. Your customers will judge you based on your truck's appearance until they get more data.

What Kind of Truck?

A compact truck will work. A half car, half pickup vehicle like a Chevrolet El Camino is useable. A full-sized pickup with an 8-foot bed is best because you can haul a washer, dryer and refrigerator in one load.

How do You get the Appliances on and off the Truck?

The top edge of a full-sized pickup tail gate can be a much as two feet in the air. You can raise the dolly and appliances about 6 inches by using ramps. Place the top edge of the appliance on the tailgate and pivot the machine up onto the tailgate and then push it onto the bed. Getting appliances off the truck using a dolly and ramps is a little tricky. Pull the appliance off the edge of the tailgate until it is just ready to fall off. Bring the dolly up the ramps and pull the appliance down over the dolly and let it slide into the dolly and then carry it down the ramps. Loading and unloading appliances by "bending" them over the tailgate will soon convince you to get a hydraulic tail gate.


Tool Boxes
Tool boxes are needed to store parts, installation supplies and tools. They should be lockable and water tight.

Headache Rack
A headache rack is mounted at the front of the bed on a full-size pickup. It is used to tie off refrigerators to. A roll bar works too.

Hydraulic Tail Gate
This could be the most expensive accessory that you buy but it is worth every penney. It will save your back and make loading and unloading a safe and effortless task.

Bed Liner
Plastic bed liners won't work with appliances. A piece of 1/2 or 3/4 inch exterior plywood makes the best liner for your bed. Appliances will slide across it easily and the metal appliance feet won't tear up your metal bed and promote rust.

I have wooden ramps made by bolting three 2x6s together and making a diagonal cut to form two ramps. This is the right height to use with front door thresholds on many houses.