Tips and Procedures
Learn how to restore appliances to the appearance and function they had when new.

Restoring Door Seals

Thoroughly clean the area to be repaired and dry with a hair dryer. Put as much of the magnetic strip back in the seal as you can. Lay down a thick (at least 1/16 inch) layer of white silicone sealant over the area to be repaired. Cover the exposed magnetic strips and fill in any areas of the door seal that are missing. Now cut strips of wax paper that are about 2 inches wide and completely cover the silicone sealant on the front surface of the door seal. You can fold the edges of the wax paper down around the old seal and it will create a mold for your new seal. Now gently close the door. The sealant will conform to the space between the refrigerator and your old seal. Make sure that the sealant fills in all air gaps in the seal. The wax paper can be removed about 8 hours later.