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Transmission Boot

Telltale: Water gushing onto floor when tub starts to fill

Transmission Boot

The transmission and agitator shaft are stationary with respect to the tub. The transmission boot is a doughnut shaped piece of rubber that allows the tub to move with respect to the transmission while keeping all of the water in the tub.

Tub Boot Diagram

If the boot pulls off the transmission or tub, all of the water in the tub rushes out onto the floor. This is most likely to occur during a spin cycle with an unbalanced load. If it happens on the first spin, the washer will attempt to fill for the rinse cycle but since all the water is going on the floor, the fill switch will never be satisfied and the water will run full blast on the floor until you stop it. This one reason why you should stick around while washing clothes.

Replacing the Transmission Boot

Boot Part No: WH8X246
Large (lower) Clamp Part No: WH1X1580
Small (upper) Clamp Part No: WH1X1292

  1. Unplug the washer and move it out about 6".
  2. Slide a putty knife between the top and the cabinet, about 3 inches in from each corner. The spring clips securing the top can be released by pushing in and pulling up on the putty knife handle. Don't use a screwdriver or you will chip the porcelain top. Tilt the top back against the wall.
  3. The agitator is held on by friction to the end of the splined agitator shaft. If you are lucky you can grab the agitator from the bottom and yank it up off the shaft. If you are unlucky, you will have to literally cut the agitator off the shaft and replace it with a new one.
  4. Remove the white plastic cover at the base of the agitator shaft. Release the tab and lift it off the shaft.
  5. Remove the three 1/2" bolts securing the basket.
  6. Remove the white plastic nozzle that directs water into the lint filter basket.
  7. Lift the basket out of the washer.
  8. Now you can see the black rubber boot around the transmission. Check to see if either of the two clamps have slipped off. If one has slipped off, loosen the clamp and slide the boot onto the tub or transmission and retighten the clamp. If the boot has torn it must be replaced. Loosen both clamps and replace the boot with a new one. Replace the clamps.
  9. Lower the basket down around the agitator shaft and line up the three bolt holes. Replace the bolts and the plastic cover.
  10. Replace the water nozzle and the agitator. Lower the top and snap it down. Fill the tub and verify that there are no leaks.