Proper Operation
Learn how your appliance is supposed to operate so you can determine if it is malfunctioning.

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GE Washer Spinning

The spin function is initiated by the timer. The washer lid switch must be closed to enable the spin function to be performed. The lid switch is a safety device to prevent anyone from putting their hands into the basket when it is spinning. The clothes are spun at a high speed to force the water out from the basket into the outer tub. The spin function is always preceded by and accompanied with a pump drain function to remove the water from the tub. The motor is turning in a counter clockwise direction and the pump is pumping water out of the tub to the drain.

The spin brake is designed to stop a spinning basket of clothes within 8 seconds from the time that the lid is opened. The lid switch is open when the lid is open. Modern washers use a microswitch for the lid switch. A plastic lid striker extends down from the right hand side of the lid and contacts the lid switch paddle actuator through a small hole in the lid well. You can hear the microswitch open and close with a click when you slowly raise and lower the lid.