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New Whirlpool Twist-Tray Icemaker by Sankyo

Whirlpool Twist-Tray Icemaker by Sankyo


The new 10 cube Twist-Tray icemaker is manufactured by Sankyo for Whirlpool. It started being used around 2015 and may be found on Whirlpool built Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Jenn-Air and Amana refrigerators. This icemaker design will produce about 3.5lbs or up to 4lbs of ice per day for 'Max Ice' production. It will dump about every 85 minutes or 70 minutes during accelerated mode.

This unit operates on low voltage of 14VDC and 5VDC. This icemaker is a single unit with no replaceable parts. If it is determined to be defective it will need to be replaced as a whole unit. The information below will help to describe its functioning to assist in determining if the icemaker itself is at fault or the problem may lie elsewhere in the appliance.

Problem Diagnostics

Total inaction may be due to icemaker compartment temperature. The icemaker will cease to function if the temperature is too warm. The icemaker sensor needs to sense below 8°F (-13°C) for normal ice production or below 5°F (-15°C) for 'Max Ice'. If the compartment is too warm, the icemaker will cease operation as a safety function.

If the icemaker is just not filling, there may be a problem with the water fill valve on the refrigerator, the household water supply to the refrigerator or a frozen fill tube that leads to the icemaker. Each possibility would need to be investigated.

Whirlpool has produced a Technical Training Pointer for this icemaker design to explain its functioning. You can find it in PDF format at the following link.

  • Whirlpool Technical Training Pointer #: W10869036

Replacement Icemaker Asm.

If the problem is determined to be in the icemaker itself, the whole icemaker would need to be replaced as no repair parts are available for it, you can see the replacment icemaker at this link: Icemaker Asm. # W10873791.