Proper Operation
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Maytag Washer Motor Rollers

The Maytag 'Dependable Care' washer has its motor mounted on a carriage that should move back and forth freely to keep proper tension on the belts. If it doesn't, it can cause spin problems.

Replacement Part Numbers

Maytag Washer Motor Roller Replacement

The original round carriage rollers are now substituted with squarish slides. I guess they really didn't need to "roll" but just provide a reduced friction surface so the movement could take place. The rollers are replaced with a slide kit number 204998. The tension springs which can rust with age and break, stretch out of shape or just loose their tension are part number 202718. Both these plus the appropriate poly lube for the system are available in a single service kit number 205000.

If the roller guides (tracks) are rusty, clean them up with sandpaper or Emery cloth. Liberally lubricate the rollers or slides to assure proper movement is possible.