Proper Operation
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GE Dryer Drum Slides

The front of the dryer drum rests on two drum slides which are mounted on the frame. The drum slides consist of a plastic strip resting on a heavy felt strip. Both strips are fastened to a metal bracket which is attached to the front cross member with two 5/16" sheet metal screws. The felt provides flexible support and a reservoir for a light oil lubricant.

Procedure for Gathering Failure Confirmation Data

  1. Open the door, hold the door switch plunger in and start the dryer (no clothes in dryer).
  2. Listen for the sound of metal dragging on metal above the dryer opening. If the slides are badly worn, the drum will tilt down in front until it strikes the front of the dryer cabinet.
  3. You may remove the 4 Torx screws up under the cabinet top to lift the top and confirm the drum is grinding on the metal in front of it. Replace the drum slides if contact is being made.

Part No: WE25X60 (contains 2 slides, screws and oil)

Drum Slide Replacement Procedure

  2. Open door and remove the four screws up at the top. The screws may be No. 15 Torx.
  3. Pull dryer out far enough so that you can lift the dryer top up and tip it back and it will stay put.
  4. Use a 5/16" nutdriver to remove the two screws holding the cabinet front on up on top and inside the cabinet. Loosen the two 5/16" screws down at the bottom of the cabinet front, on the outside.
  5. You can lift the cabinet front off now and swing it to your right and prop it up against the dryer cabinet with the wires connected.
  6. Locate the two drum slides and their brackets on the frame under the front of the drum.
  7. Use a 5/16" nutdriver to remove the two sheet metal screws in each drum slide assembly.
  8. You should be able to lift the drum up enough to slip the old slides out to the left and right until you can get them out.
  9. Open the little packets of oil and apply the oil to the plastic slides and the felt below.
  10. Bring the new slides into their places the same way you got the old ones out. Replace the four screws.
  11. Replace the front cover and door assembly and the two inside screws. Lower the top and replace the four screws.
  12. Plug the dryer in and test the dryer.