Proper Operation
Learn how your appliance is supposed to operate so you can determine if it is malfunctioning.

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G.E. Electric Dryer

The General Electric dryer design has changed very little over the years. One of its best features is a completely porcelain-coated drum. Porcelain tops allowed the dryers to function better as work benches for some top-of-the-line models.

The GE dryer has a drum that is supported by plastic slides on the cabinet front panel and in the rear by a metal center shaft with Teflon or nylon sleeve bearing. The lint filter is conveniently located behind the front door opening.

Problem Diagnostics

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Will Not Heat

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Hot Inside but Dries Slow

  • Check for blockage in the dryer vent hose.
  • Make sure the lint filter is clean.
  • If the drum is not turning, the belt may be broken.
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Gets too Hot

  • Check the high limit and the operating thermostats.
  • Look at blocked vent procedure above.
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Only gets Warm

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Won't Turn Off in the Auto Dry Cycle

  • Heat is needed to complete an auto cycle. Check the "Will Not Heat" section to look for the cause.
  • Some GE models route power to the timer through the heater coils. One of the two may have failed.
  • If the operating thermostat fails open, the auto cycle won't complete. Check the operating thermostats.
  • If your dryer is out in the garage and it's freezing cold out there, your dryer may not finish an auto cycle.
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Nothing Happens

You have set the cycle and other control selections, pushed the start button but nothing happens.

  • Make sure you have completely closed the door. Locate the door switch actuator lever in the upper right hand corner of the door opening. If it does not click, you may have to replace the door switch.
  • There is a high temperature cutoff thermostat in the rear of the dryer that may have opened up.
  • Both circuits in the circuit breaker for the wall power outlet may have tripped.
  • The start switch may have failed.
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Dryer Makes Unusual Sounds

  • If you hear a metal dragging on metal sound from the front of the dryer, you may have to replace the drum slides.
  • The idler pulley may need some attention if you hear high frequency squeaks and squealing.
  • A loud whine from the front may indicate that something got caught in the blower assembly.