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Open Radiant Sensor

The radiant sensor is designed to detect the heat from either the ignitor or the burner flame. It is basically a bimetallic switch or thermostat. Its primary failure mode is to char and burn away the switch contacts rendering it unable to close and carry current. The radiant sensor is probably the least likely component in the burner assembly to fail.

Radiant Sensor

Tools Required

  • An ohmmeter set for the lowest ohms scale.

Procedures for Gathering Confirming Data

  1. Open the dryer bottom access panel or open the burner access door. Start the dryer in a cycle that demands heat.
  2. (Figure 1) When the radiant sensor stays open at any temperature, the ignitor is in series with the secondary coil and won't draw enough current to glow. The cool ignitor will be lower in impedance than the booster coil so current will be shunted away from the booster coil. The net result: the primary valve won't open, the igniter won't glow and there will be no flame. It's time to check the radiant sensor.
  3. Turn the dryer off and disconnect the dryer power cord. Remove the front of the dryer if you don't have full access to the burner assembly.
  4. Disconnect the two wires leading to the radiant sensor on the burner funnel.
  5. Place the probes of the ohmmeter on the two terminals of the radiant sensor. If the meter doesn't move, the sensor is bad. Touch the two probes to each other to verify that the ohmmeter is working. Remove the failed sensor from the side of the funnel. If the meter reads 0 ohms, the sensor is OK and you need to check the operating thermostats.

Parts Required

Use the appliance model number to order the correct replacement radiant sensor.

Procedures for Replacing the radiant sensor

  1. Reattach the new sensor to the side of the burner funnel.
  2. Reconnect the two wires to the radiant sensor.
  3. If you had to remove the whole front of the dryer, replace it now.
  4. Plug in the dryer.
  5. Turn the timer to a cycle that demands heat and start the dryer.
  6. Verify that the ignitor glows, the gas valves open and the flame starts.
  7. Replace the access panel or close the viewing port.

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Radiant Sensor Circuit