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GE Electronic Icemaker


Beginning in 2001 General Electric introduced a new electronically controlled icemaker design (WR30X10012) to be used in GE, Hotpoint and Kenmore model 363... refrigerators. The icemaker contained several new and innovative features. It contains an internal electronic control board, a thermistor to monitor ice mold temperature, an external rocker-style on-off switch, a green indicator light, a seven cube ice mold and a new 'paddle' style feeler arm. These sections will help you become familiar with this electronic icemaker design and its operation.


This electronic icemaker was also contained in the IM6 and IM4a add-on icemaker kits which are intended to replace the previous Ejector Mold and Whirlpool Crescent Mold icemaker designs used in GE made fridges.

Replacement Mechanical Icemaker

This electronic icemaker has no replacement parts available and is not intended to be repaired.
If there is an internal problem with the GE electronic icemaker, the whole icemaker will have to be replaced.

GE has gone back to a mechanical icemaker design for a replacement which looks very similar to the electronic version but can be identified by a slide ON/OFF switch at the bottom which also serves to lock the feeler paddle into place. This replacement mechanical icemaker can be purchased separately under the part number WR30X10093 or in the complete IM6 add-on kit which is sometimes less expensive than the icemaker alone.

Electronic Icemaker Power ON Diagnostics Test Mode

When the icemaker is first connected to power and the thermistor temperature is 50°F or more, the control will initiate a 'Power On' test before entering the freeze cycle. The test will consist of the following sequence:

  1. Turn on the motor until it reaches home position
  2. Turn on the water valve for 1/2 second
  3. Turn on the heater for 1/2 second
  4. Verify that the feeler arm was in the 'in' and then the 'out' position
  5. Verify that the motor was not in the 'home' position and then in the 'home' position
  6. Verify that the motor does not remain on after being turned off
  7. Proceed to the freeze cycle.

Service Diagnostics Test Mode

During the first 15 seconds that power is first applied to the icemaker, the 'Service Diagnostic' test mode may be entered. The service mode is entered by pushing the feeler arm in and out three times within 15 seconds. (only three times). There will be only one fill cycle (5.1 second) in the service diagnostics mode without the waiting period for the mold to 'pre-chill'. If the icemaker has already started a harvest cycle and the arm is moving, it may not be possible to start the service mode (since the NORMAL cycle is already started).

While in the 'Power On Diagnostics' test mode, the 'Service Diagnostic' test mode can be initiated and will override the 'Power On Diagnostics' test.

Problem Diagnostics

Check Mark

NO Ice and LED Indicator OFF LED Indicator OFF

  • Icemaker wiring connection loose
  • Defective internal switch
  • Control board failure. (replace icemaker)

Check Mark

NO Ice and LED Indicator Flashing LED Indicator

Check Mark

Ice in Icemaker but Not Harvested, LED Indicator Flashing LED Indicator

Check Mark

Icemaker Not Filling, LED Indicator ON LED Indicator ON

Check Mark

Ice in Icemaker but Not Harvested, LED Indicator ON LED Indicator ON